The PPL FAA course is the entrance course for all pilots, whether they want to continue for an athletic career or want to stay recreational riders, this is the first course to take. During the training you will learn the basic skills needed to maneuver an airplane, basic navigation techniques, and flying skills in daytime weather conditions.

Training is conducted on a single-engine aircraft.

Eligibility Requirements to the FAA PPL:
  Being able to speak and understand English
  Obtain a Class III FAA Medical Certificate
  Pass an FAA exam with a score of 70% or more
  Pass an oral and flight test with an FAA Examiner

Overview of the course
During this course you learn to ground the reason why an airplane flies, as does the theory of how to fly it. Your instructor will guide you through the maneuvers according to our approved program and will follow your path until the license is obtained.

The PPL is broken down as follows:
40 hours flight instruction (20 hours with instructor and 20 alone)
20 hours of schooling on the ground
5 hours pre and post-flight briefing
1 written exam
1 oral exam
1 practical exam

Duration of the course
On a full-time basis of 6 days a week, a student with good understanding of the English language will need 8-10 weeks to complete this course.

Study materials
  You will find the necessary teaching materials when you arrive at school.
  We recommend purchasing headphones before starting the course.
  You can buy them online and send them directly to school or buy them after your arrival.

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