Instructor Type Rating - TRI/SFI

Instructor Type Rating - TRI/SFI

Train trainees to obtain TRI or SFI certification (A) and exercise flight instructor functions in type certifications on FSTD and / or Aeromobile devices.

The initial course is available for the following types of aircraft:
  Airbus A320
  Boeing B737-300 / 900
  Hawker HS125
  Cessna C500 / 550/560

During the course will be addressed topics and themes such as:
  Teaching methods and techniques,
  Preparing lessons;
  SBB technical training;
  Role-play exercises and correction of common errors;
  Using the FSTD panel;
  Flight management with inexperienced pilots;
  Risk management and mitigation techniques;
  Specific knowledge of the type of aircraft required.

Admission Requirements
  CPL / ATPL license with valid type type validity (TRI only)
  1500 hours flight on multi-pilot aircraft;
  During the 12 months preceding the course, 30 trains - including take-offs and landings - were completed as PIC or COP on the aircraft type, of which up to 15 may have been completed on SBB.

Structure of the Course
  (Part 1) 25 Hour Teaching & Learning Course
  (Part 2) Technical Training of at least 10 hours

  (Part 3) 10 hours of SBB simulator
  Practical training on a 1 hour aircraft, if required
  Assessment of Competence on SBB

20 days

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