Private Pilot Course - PPL


Private Pilot Course - PPL

The Private Pilot License allows the holder to exercise pilot functions for private purposes (unpaid) in absolute freedom, and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. PPL license holders can bring along an airline, friends and relatives, and fly across Italy and Europe.

Admission Requirements
The minimum age for obtaining a license is 17 years. However you can start the course at 16 years.
2nd class medical certificate issued by a law school.
For minors: consent of those who exercise their homeland power

Structure of the Course
Theory 130 hours of classroom lessons that include the following subjects:
  Aeronautical Regulatory
  Aircraft notions
  Aeronautics Medicine and Psychology
  Operational procedure
  Communications (Italian and/or English)
  Principles of flight

Lessons are organized on weekdays or on weekends. They also offer customized solutions for those who need special schedules. Practice Practical training includes 45 hours of minimum flight of which 35 are made with the assigned flight instructor and 10 by solo pilot. During the training you will learn to carry the aircraft independently, arrange transfer flights and use all the tools and equipment in total safety. Flight activity is carried out through appointments taken directly with the assigned instructor. The flight line is open 7 days a week.

Minimum 3-4 months and depending on your availability.

For license holders of other certified aircraft such as helicopters and entrances, an accreditation of 10% of the flight hours performed as a "Pilot in Command" on such aircraft up to a maximum of 10 hours is expected.

Keeping the License
The issued license will contain an authorization that will initially be limited to single-engine pistons and is valid for two years. Validity can be renewed either by carrying out a Proficiency Check with our CRE (Flight Examiner) or by running 12 hours of flight (minimum 6 hours by pilot in command, 1 hour in training with an instructor of flight and 12 departures and landings) in the twelve months prior to the deadline.

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