Update Course for TRI/SFI

Update Course for TRI/SFI

The course is aimed at TRI and / or SFI (A) certification holders who wish to renew it in validity or to reinstate it if it expires.

The course is approved in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 "Aircrew" and subsequent amendments, with its AMC and GM. Training meets one of the renewal or restoration criteria provided by FCL.940. TRI - Revalidation and renewal and FCL.940.SFI SFI - Revalidation and renewal.

The purpose of the course is to update the participant on various aspects of the educational competence, among which:
  Aeronautical regulation in force
  Teaching Techniques
  Principles of preparation of the training plan
  Integration of risk management and error (TEM) in technical training
  Evaluation and carryover of the performance.

Method of conduction
Interaction with participants is paramount in order to better adapt to their level of expertise and experience. For practical exercises to the FSTD, role play exercises are also provided.
The course is delivered in Italian, or in English if agreed in advance

Admission Requirements
  CPL or ATPL (A) license with valid type type validity (TRI only)
  TRI and/or SFI (A) certification valid or expired.

Duration and mode
  In case of renewal of a valid certificate (revalidation), the course consists of a day of training in the classroom.
  In the case of renewal of a renewed certificate, the classroom will be supplemented by additional training as required by the requirements of the Aircrew Rules mentioned above. The details of the integration will be defined with the applicant according to its needs.

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