Jet Orientation Training - JOT

Jet Orientation Training - JOT

The Jet Orientation Training (JOT) is the ideal course for all those pilots who want to have an optimal preparation to handle flight operations with Medium Jet aircraft in airline operations.
The course aims to bring students to an ideal level of preparation to deal with a solid foundation and gain a Type Rating certification as well as consolidate their preparation for an interview with an airline.
The JOT Course is a preferential title for online recruitment and is often complementary to the MCC course.
The JOT course is performed on our Alsim ALX-500 simulator, which allows students to become familiar with the typical Airbus aircraft and systems.
The whole course of the course is entrusted to Line Commands with experience in the selection of airlines.
Below are some of the topics discussed in the JOT course:
  Aircraft Handling
  Familiarizing with Auto Pilot and Flight Director
  EFIS Flight Deck Training
  GPWS Familiarization
  CRM and MCC optimization
  Emergency Management
  All weather considerations and Procedures
  Use FMS
  Preparation for optimum selection and optimization of CVs - Advanced Module -

The JOT course can be combined with an MCC course (Joint MCC + JOT).

CPL/IR license is valid
MCC course completion certificate (if not combined with an MCC course - Joint MCC + JOT)

Structure of the Course
The JOT course provides:

Basic Module:
  10 hours PF
  10 hours PNF
  20 hours ground training

Advanced Module:
  05 hours PF
  05 hours PNF
  10 hours ground training

About 2 weeks

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