Course Dangerous Goods

Course Dangerous Goods

Initial and recurrent training in order to train the participant in:
  apply the rules of competence contained in the IATA manual "DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS"
  issue / check the documentation provided by its functions
  prepare, control, accept shipments of "dangerous goods", luggage etc. in compliance with ICAO / IATA standards and taking into account any government and / or cargo exceptions

Professional roles
Courses, approved by ENAC, can be awarded for the following professional figures:
  Shippers and Packers
  Freight Forwarders
  Operators and Ground Handling Agents
  Flight Deck and Cabin crew
  Security Screeners
  Other private subjects

Courses are available for both carriers carrying dangerous goods and for unapproved operators for the carriage of dangerous goods.

Admission Requirements
For recurrent courses, you must have a "Dangerous Goods" course completion certificate.

Structure of the Course
Depending on the professional figure, between 6 and 32 hours in the classroom with approved IATA professor.

Courses can be awarded to both private and AOC operators. Contact us for more information.
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