Aviation English

Aviation English

GLOBE MASTER regularly organizes ENAC-approved English courses in order to prepare candidates for passing the Language Proficiency Test.

Our teachers are strictly native speakers, constantly updated and trained specifically to teach English and Aviation English.

The courses offered are of three types:
  Basic English Course
Initial course aimed at those who have a medium-low English level (ICAO Levels 2 and 3).
This course deals with the theory and practice of elementary / intermediate grammar and vocabulary and the development of reading, writing, conversation and listening skills.
The course is designed in such a way as to bring the student to the required level of linguistic competence to successfully follow the specific course of "Aviation English".
The course lasts 80 hours in the classroom.

  Aviation English Course
The "Aviation English" course is aimed at those who possess a level of language proficiency equal to an ICAO level 3 and mainly discuss topics related to the application of English in aeronautical contexts.
The course is structured in eight units, focusing on aviation sectoral language in order to develop listening and oral skills. The focus is on communication, between pilots and between pilot and controller.
Within each unit there are examples of language from normal and emergency situations, reproduced with a variety of international language voices and cadences. In addition to dialogues and questions of understanding, each unit contains exercises to improve pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and syntax.
The course lasts 60 hours in the classroom.

  Aviation English Seminar

The Aviation English seminar is aimed at pilots with a level of language proficiency close to ICAO Level 4 who want to face the test with greater ease and solid preparation. The course is also ideal for those who already have a level of 4 and wish to perfect it to aspire to a higher level. The course is structured in 3 units, where they analyze, understand and perfect comprehension, pronouncement, ability to form sentences correctly, fluency, adequate speed in answering questions in general and aeronautical contexts. This is done in face-to-face mode with a teacher dedicated to a small group of students (max 8). The seminar has a duration of 5 days (Monday to Friday).

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