Let our unique techniques teach you the knowledge of ATPL EASA (former JAA).

Our EASA experienced computerized classrooms and instructors make our school the world leader in EASA training

Admission Requirements

You must have an ICAO Private Pilot (PPL) license to access the course, which means that you can be admitted to a PPL issued by almost all countries. You must also be at least 18 years of age to enter this course.

Structure of the course

To qualify and be admitted to EASA exams you must complete the Theoretical Program, which includes:
  700 hours of classroom lessons over the course of 24 weeks
  Pass 2 tests evaluated in each subject
  Pass a final exam in every subject.

Topics covered
  The subjects of study are divided into 3 modules, listed below:

Module 1
  Aerial Navigation
  Human Performance

Module 2
  Radio Navigation
  Aerial planning
  Aeronautical law
  General aircraft knowledge

Module 3
  After completion of each module, a study break of approximately 4 weeks is given before taking the exams.

What you get with this course:
  Bristol for paper and iPad manuals
  Manual Jeppesen EASA ATPL Student Pilot fully updated online EASA with detailed explanations.
  The personal PC access point in the classroom
  Flight Computer, Ruler, Goniometer, Pencils, Pen, etc.

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